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July 15 2013

0995 f84d
beautiful, tumblr, cross

Image size: 400x346
5250 2547
luxury, x, car

Image size: 500x500
5311 eaac
paradise, alice in wonderland, colorful

Image size: 500x600
1746 0e4a
beautiful, tumblr, cute

Image size: 500x750
5251 570a
car, girl, quote

Image size: 1024x704
8854 dc71
bmw, car, fancy

Image size: 650x650
8856 ae95
beach, sea, car

Image size: 500x500
8857 c3a7
muah, car, handsome

Image size: 500x500
8858 ba0a
audi, car, glamorous

Image size: 600x803

July 14 2013

6804 39a1
amazing, glitter, awesome

Image size: 400x271
6806 3d2e
music, festival, music festival

Image size: 492x338

July 08 2013

2252 891d
beautiful, boy, car

Image size: 500x370
2254 2576
*-*, :), :D

Image size: 500x332
2256 5e8a
car, chanel, fashionable

Image size: 500x500
2825 7625
Hot, amazing, beautiful

Image size: 400x271
1619 4e32
Hot, amazing, beautiful

Image size: 500x750
1622 888e
azing, blue eyes, cat

Image size: 500x675
2258 691d
car, chanel, fashionable

Image size: 475x617
0627 dd0a
brigde, british, car

Image size: 640x889
0716 fcd7
Hot, amazing, beautiful

Image size: 400x338
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